Cozy Propane Heaters

cozy propane heaters

  • Propane is a three-carbon alkane, normally a gas, but compressible to a transportable liquid. It is derived from other petroleum products during oil or natural gas processing. It is commonly used as a fuel for engines, oxy-gas torches, barbecues, portable stoves and residential central heating.

  • A flammable hydrocarbon gas of the alkane series, present in natural gas and used as bottled fuel

  • colorless gas found in natural gas and petroleum; used as a fuel

  • This page provides supplementary chemical data on Propane.

  • (heater) device that heats water or supplies warmth to a room

  • A conductor used for indirect heating of the cathode of a thermionic tube

  • A fastball

  • (heater) fastball: (baseball) a pitch thrown with maximum velocity; "he swung late on the fastball"; "he showed batters nothing but smoke"

  • A person or thing that heats, in particular a device for warming the air or water

  • A heater is object that emits heat or causes another body to achieve a higher temperature. In a household or domestic setting, heaters are usually appliances whose purpose is to generate heating (i.e. warmth). Heaters exists for all states of matter, including solids, liquids and gases.

  • Giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation

  • enjoying or affording comforting warmth and shelter especially in a small space; "a cozy nook near the fire"; "snug in bed"; "a snug little apartment"

  • Avoiding or not offering challenge or difficulty; complacent

  • cosy: a padded cloth covering to keep a teapot warm

  • (of a relationship or conversation) Intimate and relaxed

  • having or fostering a warm or friendly and informal atmosphere; "had a cozy chat"; "a relaxed informal manner"; "an intimate cocktail lounge"; "the small room was cozy and intimate"

rainy afternoon

rainy afternoon

for the second time in two days, it's RAINING -- very unusual for early september in northern california! this was taken about ten minutes ago...

sophie got a bit damp outside before wisely choosing to come in -- so i've turned on our propane heater, which i'm crazily in love with, despite it's being a totally fake fireplace -- but so cozy!! now i'm on the couch too, reading stuff for school tomorrow while sophie snoozes in the warmth... and the pitter-pat of rain outside

Staying Warm

Staying Warm

Plenty of blankets including the Slanket (Not a Snuggie!) and the vintage army issue! With cool crisp purified rain water fresh off the tap to boot? The propane heater running just a notch above the pilot to keep the space nice and cozy! The wind can be howling, raining buckets, tree branches, frogs, coyotes, you would hardly know it being inside one of these super-insulated Ark hulls. What can't corrugated steel shipping containers do?

cozy propane heaters

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