Battery Powered Portable Heater

battery powered portable heater

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Battery power is GO

Battery power is GO

The boombox (aka "LL Cooler J") is now fully capable of running from a 12-volt battery. I got a 55Ah Werker AGM Deep Cycle battery. It powered the music at mid-party volume levels for five hours and judging from the battery voltage at the end of the run, I suspect it could run at those volume levels for 12+ hours.

Note the 2 Farad power cap; I have no concrete data here, but I believe this significantly helps with battery life by smoothing out the power drawn from the battery from instant to instant.

Although there is a plug going into the A/C outlet inside the cooler [ :D ], there's nothing hooked up to it at the moment.

05/52 - Small Mercies

05/52 - Small Mercies

This week I was experimenting with DoF. However, I took this shot without really paying attention to it and I was really pleased with how it's turned out.

The candles are battery powered and I think we may use them a few more times in our 52 as I love the effect.

battery powered portable heater

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