No Hot Water From Hot Water Heater. Electric Water Heater Reset Switch.

No Hot Water From Hot Water Heater

no hot water from hot water heater

    water heater
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Clean white room joy. Except for that part under the window that I'm pretending isnt there right now.

Clean white room joy. Except for that part under the window that I'm pretending isnt there right now.

So yesterday the hole in the ceiling and the stripper pole were removed. The sink was removed. The heating elements in the kitchen were removed. The holes in the walls were fixed. The window was closed up. The electrical outlets were identified and installed. Old electrical elements were removed and wallboarded over. The water heater was installed (yes we have had no water heater: just boiling hot water from the furnace to scorch ourselves on daily) The subflooring was replaced. The hard wood floor was cut evenly to prepare for the new hardwood floor in the kitchen and new wiring was run throughout the house for the water heater and something else I cant remember. And they organized all the plumbing elements in the basement ceiling.

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

Explored #6 and Front Page!

Well, the carpet guys haven't showed up yet so I figured I'd post a shot lol. I'm going to start making some comments but obviously once the guys show up I'll have to log off. But I'll be back hopefully on Thursday.

Have a great day all! :)

UPDATE: I just called to see what time they are coming and can you believe they won't be here til NEXT Monday?!?! My hubby talked to the guy in charge last week so obviously he misunderstood him. Ugghh!! So now we have to go another whole week with no carpets (from our hot water heater breaking.....for those of you who didn't know). One good thing is I can be on Flickr now LOL!

no hot water from hot water heater

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